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Trusted Experts

We are accredited appraisers, with the experience and knowledge to help our clients meet their goals.  Working closely with the top experts in our field we are confident that we can provide a solution for all of your real estate needs,  contact us today so we can evaluate your needs and get a plan started for you.  

Appraisal and Valuation

We are professional appraisers accredited by the Appraisal Institute of Canada and the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, meaning that our appraisal and valuation work can be trusted by our clients as well as their lending institution. 

We can accurately tell you what a property is currently worth,  was worth at a specific point in time, or would be worth if constructed.  We work in all property classes whether residential, multi-family, commercial, industrial, office, or special use.  We provide valuation services in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Nunavut and Northwest Ontario.   

Development Services

Developers rely on our services to help identify the unknowns in a project prior to construction, and to provide support for investors and lenders.  

We complete market analysis to help determine historical and existing supply and demand,  help to determine market sale prices and lease rates for a proposed project, as well the projected market uptake for a proposed project and its suggested market value.  These services help developers decide is a project is worth commencing, if a property is worth purchasing, and provides support which can be relied upon by investors and lenders.  

Expert Witness & Testimony

In matters of litigation, arbitration, or mediation, the legal community relies on our expert status and knowledge to provide valuation and market analysis which can be relied upon in the courts.  


The power of expropriation allows a government body to take ownership of a property, in part of full, from its owner for a greater public good.  

Our clients rely on us and our experience to help ensure that when they are expropriated they are fully compensated for the true value of their property being taken.  

Landlord and Tenant

We work with building owners and tenants in determining current market suggested lease rates.  

We also help our clients with lease / purchase analysis to help determine the most suitable building occupation for their current and projected status.  

Market Analysis

Market analysis is a broad term relating to services which involve analysis of market data to help clients make confident real estate decisions.  The market analysis we complete most frequently are:

  • Need and demand studies;

  • Feasibility analysis;

  • Portfolio analysis;

  • Highest and Best Use analysis.

Our clients generally seek our market analysis services to achieve the following:

  • Identify need and demand in new market areas;

  • Identify most profitable use for a site;

  • Provide support for investors / stakeholders

Tax Assessment and Appeal

Property taxes are a significant operating expense. With property tax being determined based on an assessed value it is imperative that the assessed value is a fair representation of its market value as of the assessment date.  

Working with our clients we review their property or property portfolio to ensure assessed values are fair, and when we identify values that are too high, represent them in the appeal of the assessed value, to reduce assessed value and in turn taxes.  Our clients recognize that a reduction in assessed value equates to a reduction in property tax, which results in lower operating costs,  all things equal lower operating costs will result in a higher value to the property.  


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