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Our Goal

Is to provide our clients with the highest level of independent real estate knowledge, ensuring that our clients can make maximally profitable decisions, with complete confidence.


We analyse and interpret real estate, and real estate markets, to provide our clients with unbiased market based support that they can rely on.  

Our work is broadly broken down into two categories: 

  • Valuation and Appraisal

  • Market Analysis

Valuation and appraisal consists of providing our clients an accurate estimate of a property's value as at a specific point in time.  Our clients have valuation work completed for a variety of reasons,  the main ones being: making a purchase or sale decision; support for tax appeal; providing a bank or lender an independent opinion of value; or support in litigation or mediation.  

Market analysis consists of analyzing and interpreting real estate markets, to provide our clients with an accurate and clear understanding of specific factors in a given market.  Market analysis is completed for varying clients and scenarios, the most common being: developers looking to better understand a market prior to building; municipalities and government looking to support growth; investors considering investment in an unknown or new market.  


For a more detailed explanation of the work we do please see Our Services


We work with developers, purchasers, owners, operators, lenders, lawyers, municipalities and government bodies. 

Regardless of the type of client, we find that our clients appreciate the independent nature  of our firm, which they know assures the confidentiality of their data and information, guarantees consistency and quality of work, and eliminates potential conflicts or add on services.  

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